Thursday, March 27, 2008

Open a Certificate in 60 Seconds on Web Branch

We've had instant deposit account opening on Web Branch since July 2007, but certificate accounts were not available. We've added certificate account opening to the new account tool. It's a simple process to open a new certificate:

  1. Choose the type of deposit account you'd like to open.

  2. For a certificate account, choose the type of certificate and the term (we have a savings advice calculator to help you narrow down the choices and select the account the best meets your needs).

  3. Read and accept the disclosures.

  4. Choose the account you'd like to fund the new certificate from and the amount.

  5. Set up additional account options like a nickname and if you'd like a joint account holder.

  6. Verify that all the details are correct.

  7. Congratulations, you have a new certificate. You'll instantly see it on your account summary.

To begin the process, select Open New Account on the Account Summary.

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