Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Ways to Move Money—External Transfers and Money Link

Transfers ScreenshotWe’ve received some questions from members on how our External Transfers and Money Link services work. While both systems have similar characteristics, they do very different things.

External Transfers involve accounts you own. One is here at UW Credit Union; the other is an account you own at another bank or credit union. External Transfers lets you move funds between your accounts here at UW Credit Union and your accounts at another institution. Moving money to your UW Credit Union account is free and there is a small fee for moving money out of your UW Credit Union account. You can transfer up to $2,000 each day and up to $5,000 each month. The funds take 3-4 business days to transfer. However, a one-day transfer option is available for a $10 fee. We are also working on increasing the daily and monthly limits for these transfers—more on that soon.

To get started with External Transfers, just login to Web Branch and go to the “Transfers & Payments” tab and choose “My External Accounts.”

Money Link is a way for anyone to send money to a UW Credit Union member. This system involves your UW Credit Union account and an account owned by someone else either at UW Credit Union or at any other financial institution in the country. This system is similar to PayPal, but it’s completely free.

To get started using Money Link, you need to invite someone to pay you. Perhaps someone owes you for lunch, or you share household bills and need an easy way to collect from your roommates. Maybe you’re in school and you’d like an easy way for your parents to send you money. Money Link is perfect for all of these situations and many more. To invite someone, login to Web Branch and go to the “Transfers & Payments” tab. Click on the Money Link logo and choose “Create a New Money Link.” From there all you need to do is enter the person’s name and e-mail address. They’ll get an e-mail from us and the system will guide them through the process. If the person you invited is a UW Credit Union member, they can connect one of their UW Credit Union accounts and transfer money to you immediately. If that person is not a member, they’ll have to go through a few additional steps to set up their account at another bank or credit union. Those transfers take 3-4 business days to be completed.

We hope you’ll find these services useful and a way to make your financial life even easier.

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