Friday, May 16, 2008

Your Feedback After Three Months

We’ve received a lot of feedback since our blog went live in February. So it is about time I shared some of the feedback that we’ve heard and provided some answers. But first, I wanted to mention that many of you have submitted feedback using the “Post a Comment” function, and many of them were posted anonymously. Since we are not posting the comments to the blog, I am unable to respond directly to each comment. If you would like a response, please e-mail

Since adding Certificate Opening to Web Branch (read previous post), we’ve had an amazing response to the number of members using it. However, some of you have commented that you’d like the ability to use this interface for IRA Certificates and also for other ownership types like trusts and POD. We are actively looking into how we can enhance the process to provide the additional ownership options. More information on these options will be available soon.

A few of you have inquired about the ability to do check deposits from home via Web Branch instead of having to visit a branch or ATM. We’ve been monitoring the different options for this service for a number of years. Technology has recently changed where home scanners are being used to send a check image to do the transaction. We are starting to look into this new technique and will hopefully find a solution so we can add the service to Web Branch in the future. Now if we can just figure out how to dispense cash out of a CD-ROM drive!

We’ve also had requests for an online register in Web Branch so memos, categories and other data can be attached to your transaction history. We think this is the future of online banking and are actively working on this service. I’m really excited about the potential this has to make managing your finances even easier with Web Branch. As we get closer to being able to offer this service, we’ll be providing additional details.

We have received a number of questions that are technical in nature. This is not the focus of the blog, however with the title of the blog being Source Code, it probably looks like we’d cover the technologies used for our Web services. I’d be happy to respond to these kinds of questions individually if you e-mail or include an e-mail address in your comment post.

Finally, we’ve received lots of positive comments and praise. It is great to be reassured that our efforts are recognized and appreciated by our members. All too often, people don’t take the time to write unless they are having a problem. We believe strongly in providing a great online experience for our members, so it is great to have confirmation that our work is making a difference in our members’ lives.

We really appreciate the feedback—keep it coming!


  1. Hi. How is the progress on letting us scan checks from home for deposit? I live out of state but used UWCU as my primary financial institution and deposits are the one thing making it hard to be far from a branch.

  2. We are still waiting for the technology to mature and a "standard" to emerge. We agree many of our members who have moved away would love this feature. We'll likely make progress on this capability in 2010.


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