Monday, October 6, 2008

Text Messages for Web Alerts Now Available

Web Alerts are now available as text messages to your cell phone (in addition to e-mail). Now you can be informed whenever your balance alerts are met or if overdraft protection is advanced wherever you are.

Just choose your mobile carrier and enter your cell phone number in Profile & Services to enable the feature. Then edit the individual alerts to enable the alert to be sent to your cell phone.

We also have added the ability to have a second e-mail address on file. That way, you can choose to have individual alerts delivered to e-mail accounts at home, work or both, for example. This feature is enabled in the same way as text messages.

Because we realize you may not always want to be notified, there's a do not disturb feature where you can "snooze" the alerts during certain hours each day. The alerts are stored and sent when your set time period ends.

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