Thursday, December 11, 2008

Support Added for Google Chrome Browser

Today, Google announced their new Web Browser, Chrome, is no longer in beta. We've certified it is compatible with our Web site and Web Branch and added it to our supported browsers list.

We love Chrome for its speed and simple design. You can also make "application shortcuts" to easily launch sites you use often (like Web Branch!).

Find out more about Chrome here and download it here. It is currently only available for Windows, but Mac and Linux versions are in the works.


  1. My savings goal tab on the right hand side of the screen does not appear when using Google Chrome on this website. Any thoughts? I really love using Chrome and would like to have the savings goal tab as well. Thanks!

  2. Google Chrome 2 is available and Chrome should update automatically. That version fixes a few minor issues Chrome had with Web Branch. Currently, we aren't aware of any issues or bugs in Web Branch while using Chrome 2.


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