Thursday, March 27, 2008

Open a Certificate in 60 Seconds on Web Branch

We've had instant deposit account opening on Web Branch since July 2007, but certificate accounts were not available. We've added certificate account opening to the new account tool. It's a simple process to open a new certificate:

  1. Choose the type of deposit account you'd like to open.

  2. For a certificate account, choose the type of certificate and the term (we have a savings advice calculator to help you narrow down the choices and select the account the best meets your needs).

  3. Read and accept the disclosures.

  4. Choose the account you'd like to fund the new certificate from and the amount.

  5. Set up additional account options like a nickname and if you'd like a joint account holder.

  6. Verify that all the details are correct.

  7. Congratulations, you have a new certificate. You'll instantly see it on your account summary.

To begin the process, select Open New Account on the Account Summary.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Web Branch Mobile Now in Open Beta

Due to the large number of requests from beta testers and excellent feedback we've received so far, we are opening up the beta for Web Branch Mobile. All members now have access to our mobile Web site and Web Branch Mobile (see previous post regarding mobile services).

Go to to get started. An interactive demo of the functionality is also available.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UW Credit Union Goes Mobile

We are excited to announce the availability of our new mobile banking service. Using your cell phone’s or mobile device’s built in Web browser, you can locate the nearest UW Credit Union branch or ATM, get answers to commonly asked questions, and login to Web Branch.

Web Branch Mobile features account balances and history (with check images), transfers and loan payments, Web Pay and Money Link. It also has the same security and reliability as our standard Web Branch. To try our mobile banking services, go to

The site has been designed to work on mobile devices with small screens as well as iPhones. We are very interested in receiving your feedback on how the site works on your particular device. While we’ve done our best to test and optimize the mobile site for as many devices as we can, there are too many devices to fully test. Our goal is to make it work on as many devices as possible -- and your feedback will help us do so.

Because we need your help to test Web Branch Mobile, the service will be in a closed beta for a short period of time. If you’d like to help test, please e-mail and we’ll set you up with access. Update: we've opened up the beta to all members. An interactive demo of the functionality is also available.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What is a Security Phrase?

The security phrase feature has been part of Web Branch and Web Alerts since 2003. However, we still hear from members from time to time who are confused with how the security phrase works. I'd like to address what the security phrase is and how it protects you and your accounts from fraud.

The security phrase is not a password. You should not include private information in your security phrase like your Social Security Number or mother's maiden name. In fact, it should not be just one word, it should be a phrase. I like to use some of my favorite song lyrics. Other good phrases might be a list of your favorite movies or books, kids' names, or famous quotes. The best security phrase is something you'll immediately recognize as being something you wrote.

We put your security phrase in every automated e-mail we send. E-mail is not secure (it is transmitted as text over the Internet and could be intercepted and read). That's why you should not include anything private in your phrase.

By including your security phrase in e-mails, you can be sure they are from UW Credit Union. With phishing and other types of e-mail fraud, scammers send thousands of e-mails hoping they reach customers who might fall for the scam. However, in their spam, they'd never be able to customize the message to include your security phrase. This means that as long as you recognize your phrase in an e-mail from UW Credit Union, you can be comfortable knowing it is legitimate.

If you're a Web Alerts user with a good security phrase, no action is required. You can continue to use Web Alerts comfortably and confidently. If you use Web Alerts and don't have a security phrase or are using a password or other private information in your phrase, please create or change your phrase immediately. This is easily done by clicking on the Update Security Phrase link in any Web Alert or by logging into Web Branch and going to the My Profile & Services tab.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Preview our Redesigned Web Site

We've been working on redesigning our main Web site to bring to the surface the information our visitors use the most. There are fewer clicks needed to find information on products and services and to get current rates. The new site has a more modern look and feel and uses the latest Web design techniques.

We're previewing the new design so members won't be surprised when it goes live in late March early April (we need a bit more time to put all the finishing touches on it). Click on the picture to see a larger view.