Tuesday, March 17, 2009

See Credit Card Transactions Since Last Statement

We've added the ability to view only those credit card transactions since the last statement date to Web Branch. This was a highly requested feature by members and we're happy to say we were able to add the feature.

To see your recent transactions, click the "Recent Items" link above your credit card history. That link applies a filter to your history where you'll only see transactions that haven't appeared on a billing statement. To go back to viewing your entire history, just click on the "All Items" link.


  1. When using the Make a payment functionality on the Web site, for a credit card, is it possible to display the date that the credit card is due?

    For example, I scheduled my card payment today, and it's due 7/18. I had to open a new tab to get this date, and manually enter the day before in.

    Or even better, how about having a new radio button for 'pay on due date?' Takes the guessing away (can I schedule for the day it's due, or do I need to schedule the day before, since they don't have the option?).

    ~James Skemp

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. We'll work on adding this functionality in a future Web Branch update.


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