Thursday, July 23, 2009

See Web Branch Data and History in a Calendar View

It's been quiet on the Source Code blog for a while. That's not because there's nothing going on. We've been busy developing a number of exciting new features that will come out later this year to make staying organized and managing your finances on Web Branch even easier.

Calendar Widget Full ViewToday we've launched a new feature that gives a bit of a preview into the direction we are going. A while back we introduced a new widget for the side toolbar in Web Branch. The new widget just showed a monthly calendar. Now, you can expand the calendar by clicking Full View (see right) to be taken to a calendar view of your Web Branch transactions.

You can page through month by month. If you go back, you'll see historical information. If you go forward (past today's date) you'll see upcoming transactions like scheduled transfers and Web Payments.

Full Calendar View

You'll note it says "Showing:" at the top of the calendar. You can choose, by clicking on Calendar Options, between seeing Web Branch items (like Web Pay and transfers) and Account History. You can choose exactly which items or accounts you'd like to see as well.

Calendar View LinkWhat you end up with is a convenient calendar view of those items so you can see, in a visual way, what is happening with your accounts. We've also included links to the calendar view on many pages within Web Branch. Just look for the Calendar View link at the top. If you use those links, they will show the item or account history corresponding to the section you were in on Web Branch.

If you don't have the calendar widget, click Add/Remove Widgets at the very top of the side toolbar and check the box next to calendar to add the widget.

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  1. I have been using the web branch for over a year now and I had no idea that the calendar had this view. Neat but not intuitive, too hidden.


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