Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Firefox 2 Support Discontinued

One of the most important things to ensuring a safe browsing experience is the Web Browser you use (see our security tips on what you can do). At UW Credit Union, we try to support as many browsers as practical. Our group of supported browsers generally represents over 99% of the traffic coming to our site. However, our supported browsers have recently changed.

As new browsers come out, it is up to the provider to decide how long they'll support their older versions. Recently, Mozilla announced they'd be discontinuing updates and fixes to its 2.x version of its browser Firefox. This significantly affects the security of the browser going forward as new vulnerabilities will not be fixed (nor will anti-phishing support continue).

We recommend anyone using Firefox 2.x to upgrade to version 3.x of their browser. Besides being more secure going forward, it also has a number of performance and usability enhancements.