Thursday, January 21, 2010

Money Management Tools are Live!

Money Management Tools are now available in the history section of Web Branch. As I mentioned in a previous post, there are a ton of new features to help you manage your accounts with UW Credit Union. And, we have plans for many future enhancements--stay tuned for more information.

We've invested quite a bit of time in our help section for using the new tools. Our "Ask a Question" system has been updated with answers to many questions. In addition, we have created six demo videos to walk you through how do use the different functions. Help is available in the Web Branch main menu bar and under the Settings tab of the history screens.

We are so excited to bring these features to our members.


  1. Love the new tools. I can probably replace Quicken with this. It would be nice to be able to "split" a transaction, and apply it to multiple categories. For example, I go to the grocery store and spend $16, but take $40 out in cash.

  2. We are working on the splitting functionality and hope to be able to offer it in a couple of months.


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