Friday, April 30, 2010

Fraudulent Phone Calls Asking for Sensitive Card Information

UW Credit Union has received numerous inquiries from members who report unsolicited, automated phone calls asking them for sensitive card information. This is a scam similar to phishing (e-mail-based) called vishing (phone-based phishing).

Remember UW Credit Union will never ask you to reveal sensitive personal or card information in an unsolicited call or through e-mail. Any company with which you do business should have this information and not have to ask you for it. Information like your PIN or Web Branch password are not used in serving you or unlocking account by member service representatives.

The defense against this type of scam is simple: do not give personal or financial information to anyone who solicits this data via e-mail or over the phone. In response to such a request, contact the company supposedly seeking your account information by calling a telephone number you know is legitimate.

Anyone who has fallen victim to this scam and revealed personal UW Credit Union account information should contact us immediately at 608-232-5000 or 800-533-6773.

More information on phishing (using the phone rather than e-mail is called vishing, but the same principles apply). If you don't recognize a phone number as one from UW Credit Union, you can check our Contact Us page for a list of our valid numbers.

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