Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transaction Splitting Now Available in Money Management Tools

We've made transaction splitting available in Money Management Tools. This is useful when you go to a store where you can buy anything from groceries to automotive supplies. In the past, you were required to pick one category for the entire transaction which didn't represent how you actually spent your money. Now you can break the transaction into separate ones, each for its own amount, and assign separate categories.

To do this, click on an item to edit the item details, on the left, you'll notice a new button that says Split This Item. A new screen will appear giving you the option to break the item into multiple categories. As you type new amounts, the system will automatically calculate what is left so the total matches the original transaction. You can split the transaction into as many categories as you'd like. When you are finished, click save. You'll notice you now have two transactions with small arrows to the left of the description. This shows that it these are now split versions of one transaction.

To undo a split, click on one of the split items to edit its details. You'll see the Split This Item button has changed to This is a Split Item. Clicking that button will bring you back to the splitting screen. Just click the X next to the rows you want to delete. The amount is added back into the last category listed.

You can also access the split functionality at the bottom of the main categories drop-down menu. It is located right above the Manage Categories item.

One thing to note, you should split your transactions prior to applying any notes or labels. Once the item is split, the new items act as separate transactions so you can apply separate notes or labels to them in addition to separate categories.


  1. Yes! Nice feature addition. Now I can separate cash withdrawals (kids' allowances) from my groceries.

  2. I drop my downloaded CSV account summary into an Excel spreadsheet and do all kinds of fun things with it, and this splitting feature will all but eliminate the lengthy adjustments section I'd been working on already.

    Thanks a ton.


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