Thursday, September 9, 2010

Manage Your Certificate Renewals in Web Branch

Today we are launching a long awaited feature on Web Branch--the ability to manage your renewal settings for your certificate accounts. We've sent electronic notices and statements for years, but for certificate accounts, we've continued to mail notices and require a phone call or visit to a branch to change what will happen to your certificate when it matures. We've spent a long time getting this new feature just right and we hope you'll find it easy to use and much more convenient.

Under the account tools section next to your certificate accounts on Web Branch, you'll see a renewal settings link. Clicking that will bring you to a details screen showing the current terms for the certificate. You'll also see what will happen to that certificate upon its maturity. If you wish to change what will happen, click on the Change Renewal Settings button to modify it (note: the button is available 21 days prior to the maturity date).

From there, you can choose to renew into another certificate (with the option to add or withdraw funds), close the certificate and transfer the balance into another account, close the certificate and receive a check for the maturity amount via postal mail or, if you have a more detailed request, you can provide written instructions and one of our deposit services specialists will fulfill your request. Keep in mind if you do nothing, the certificate will renew according to the information shown on the renewal settings page.

This feature is available to Web Statements users and the mailed notice will be replaced with an e-mail from us 21 days prior to the maturity date to remind you to login to Web Branch and manage the settings.

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  1. I have been waiting for this--and asking each month when I call to roll over another certificate to fill in my CD ladder--for months! Thank you for being such a top-notch CU--you really rock.
    60 y.o. white haired old lady


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