Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Text Banking--Another Way to Access Your Accounts

Today we are launching Text Banking--yet another convenient way to access your UW Credit Union accounts. Text banking complements our existing mobile banking offering and allows you to perform common functions quickly by using simple text messages via your cell phone--without internet access or smart phone.

To get started, login to Web Branch and go to the Profile & Services tab. Look for the Text Banking Preferences section. To use Text Banking, you must validate your phone. Web Branch will walk you through the steps to do this and to create shorter nicknames for your accounts and Money Link recipients as well as set up your preferences for which accounts you want balances for and to use for "quick transfers." A complete list of commands is available on Web Branch, or by texting "help."

To make accessing Text Banking easier, add a new contact to your phone for UW Credit Union with the mobile number (608) 205-8910. That is the number all text messages will come from and all commands must be sent to.

Please keep in mind that if you were ever to lose or misplace your cell phone, you should disable Text Banking access in Web Branch so none of your account information could be accessed. You may also discontinue Text Banking at any time by texting "stop."

Text Banking is the fastest way to check balances and pay other members using Money Link (even on smart phones) while on the go.