Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tax Documents are Now Available on Web Branch

Web Statements users will now be able to receive their tax documents in Web Branch--in addition to having them mailed. Tax documents will be available to members who are signers on accounts eligible for tax reporting (for example: only members who earned a combined total of $10 or more in dividends on their deposit accounts in 2010 will receive a 1099-INT statement).

The documents will be stored on Web Branch for a minimum of seven years so they'll be available to you for reference for years to come.

The tax documents are part of a new Statements & Files section on Web Branch where you'll find all your account statements, tax documents and any secure files we may have uploaded for you. The Statements & Files links are available under each account on the Account Summary. We think the new section makes finding and managing all your account related files much easier.


  1. Very slick, thanks!

  2. I wish you didn't have to be a Web Statement user to use the tax document feature. I thought I had LOST my 1099, but I went in manually to each account details to find I didn't even make $4 in interest (so there was no 1099-INT, I assume even electronically?).

  3. That is correct, you need to earn at least $10 to receive a 1099 (paper or electronic).


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