Monday, July 18, 2011

New Touch Friendly Mobile Site Now Live

We've been working hard on an improved mobile experience and today we are making the new site available.

We've improved every aspect of the site to make it work great on today's touchscreen smartphones and mobile devices. As you'll see when you use it, the site is much faster and the buttons and links are easy to read and "click" with your fingers.

In addition to all the functionality we offered previously, we've now added the ability to schedule transfers and Web Payments, find branches and ATMs using your GPS services and to access Money Management Tools.

From within your account history on Web Branch mobile, you can categorize transactions and add labels and notes. In addition, you can view and manage your pending items to stay on top of your true current and future balances.

Easily add a shortcut
to your iPhone's home screen
The new site works great on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 and WebOS.

To get started, to go in your mobile browser. For iPhone users, you can easily create a home screen shortcut to jump right back to the site.

Easy Credit Card Advances with Advance Transfer

The Advance Transfer link is available in the account tools.
We've added a new tool to your UW Credit Union credit card accounts. Advance Transfers allow you to transfer funds from your credit card account to your checking account. There is no fee for the transfer and you'll just pay the interest that accrues.

Advance Transfers allow you to access your credit line for almost anything. The funds are available instantly and become part of the cash advance balance on your card.

Just look for the Advance Transfer link in the account tools next to your credit card account on the Account Summary on Web Branch.