Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our New Text Banking Number UWCU9 (89289)

To make text banking even easier and to make our number more memorable, we've implemented a short code for our Text Banking service. Now, you can send your text commands to UWCU9 (89289) to access Text Banking.

The 10 digit number 608-205-8910 will still work, but our replies will come from the short code.

In addition, all our SMS text alerts from Web Branch will come from the short code as well.

To avoid confusion, please begin using the short code for all future Text Banking needs and add 89289 to your phone's contact for UW Credit Union.

September 15, 2011 update:  Due to issues with some carriers, the 10 digit number will be used for alerts until you register for text banking. At that time, the short code will be sending any future alerts (as well as responses to text banking commands). We suggest you add both the short code and 10 digit number to your UW Credit Union contact on your mobile phone.