Monday, July 2, 2012

New Look to the Web Branch Login

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the security of Web Branch, you'll notice a few cosmetic changes to the login box. Over the coming months, we'll be implementing a new multi-factor authentication system and this small change is the first. While the new look doesn't change functionality, it sets the wheels in motion for future enhancements.

Much more information on the new VerifyU system will be available as the time to implement that system draws closer.

In addition to the login box, you'll notice a new Security Settings section in the Profile & Services tab. Currently, the only option is to change your password, but additional functionality will be added here as it becomes available.


  1. How will this change affect services such as Will there be some method of allowing such a service to log in without additional verification? (Note: As of last week, and the UWCU Web Branch worked perfectly. After this post, however, it does not.)

    1. While we don't officially support aggregation services like, we do have a service available for aggregators to use. The service bypasses the need for them to script virtual logins via our site that will break any time we make a change. Instead our service supplies the data they need in an easy to use format and does not require multi-factor authentication.

      If Mint did break with this change, they did not properly implement our service (we have provided them with all they need and they did test it with us). We'll have to check on what the situation is.

  2. I am having the same issue Chris has described. I understand that it is not the fault of UWCU and increased security is a good thing. It would just be great if it worked again.

  3. The issues with Mint should now be resolved.


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