Monday, June 3, 2013

Mobile Deposit--It's Here!

Members can now deposit checks anytime, anywhere using Web Branch. If you are already a user of Web Branch Mobile, there's nothing you need to do. You'll now see the Mobile Deposit menu item when you login.

To get started, go to with your mobile browser and select Web Branch Login. Login with your username and password. Select the Mobile Deposit item from the menu and then Deposit a Check. Follow the onscreen instructions.

The key to making a successful deposit is taking a good picture. Take pictures in landscape orientation so the check fills almost the entire picture. Make sure all four corners of the front and back are in the picture. If it is on a dark background, it will also work more smoothly. Make sure the picture is in focus. Finally, be sure to endorse the back of the check.

After you've successfully uploaded the front and back images, you'll type the amount the check is for and select the account you'd like it deposited into (only eligible accounts will appear). The funds from the check will be instantly available, but are subject to a hold if it is over a certain dollar amount. You'll see the amount that is held when you are finished.

You can see all your Mobile Deposit activity by selecting Check Deposit Activity in the Mobile Deposit menu item. You will also see the deposit in your account history and you'll see any amount that is subject to a hold in your Pending Items.

Because we are using the capabilities of your mobile browser, a wide variety of phones and tablets will work. Apple devices running iOS 6.0 or newer will work with Safari or Chrome. Android phones running version 4.0 or newer will work with the default browser or Chrome. However, some Android phones may show they don't work. We have found downloading the free Firefox browser to work well on many Android devices. Some Kindles, Windows tablets and other devices will also work. If your particular device does not have the capabilities to take a picture with the mobile browser, a message will appear. If you have any questions or concerns about your device not working, please let us know. Our goal is to make this feature available on as many devices as possible. [Edit April 16, 2014--with the Windows Phone 8.1 update, Mobile Deposit now works on phones running that OS.]

We know many members have been requesting this feature and we are very excited to be able to offer it. We put together a nice video to show off the service and demo how it works: