Friday, August 1, 2014

A New Web Branch is Coming...

We have been hard at work for many months designing and building a new Web Branch. We are taking all the member feedback we have received and all the latest techniques and technologies to bring you the best Web Branch ever.

The new Web Branch will bring together the current desktop experience with our mobile experience to bring you one Web Branch. The new Web Branch will work equally well on desktop/laptop computers, tablets and mobile devices. No matter how you choose to access Web Branch, all the features and functionality will be provided to you in the best way for your device.

The new Web Branch features fresh colors and contemporary design elements. The navigation is simplified and we have reduced the clutter to bring the information you need front and center.

Stay tuned here for more details over the next month or two as we get closer to our member launch. We will also have details for how you can get early access to the new Web Branch if you'd like to have a chance to try it sooner and provide us with feedback.

We are extremely excited about the new Web Branch experience. It will be a big change and will be a platform for us to build on for many years to come.