Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The New Web Branch is Here

The New Web Branch is Here
The new Web Branch experience began rolling out today. Members will receive an email over the coming weeks with an invitation to upgrade.

But, you don't have to wait for the email. If you would like to get in before receiving the email, you can. See my earlier post on how to get into Web Branch today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Try the New Web Branch Early

new web branch dashboard
The dashboard on the new Web Branch
As a special opportunity to readers of this blog, you are invited to try the new Web Branch early. We are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the new site. It has been our biggest and most ambitious project to date and we are excited to bring it to you. We would love to get your feedback prior to the full roll-out to members in late October and early November.

To start using the new Web Branch today, click on the link at the end of this post. You will be directed to the typical Web Branch log in screen (that will be updated later). Upon logging in, you will be redirected to the new Web Branch. Every time you sign on in the future, you will also be automatically directed to the new Web Branch.

If, after trying the new Web Branch, you decide you'd prefer to continue using the old version, you can downgrade using the button on the Profile & Settings page. We will be turning off the old Web Branch in early 2015.

Once you have some time with the site, we welcome your feedback. Please send us a secure message with your thoughts or concerns (or what you like!). We would especially like to hear from you if you run into any errors or issues that stop you from completing a task. While the site is mostly complete, we do have the opportunity to make small improvements--and we will be actively fixing bugs. We will also continue to improve the site regularly going forward beyond the launch.

We are so excited to bring this new Web Branch experience to you. We have taken years of your feedback and combined it with the state-of-the-art in web design to make a Web Branch that works great on desktop and laptop computers along with mobile devices and tablets.

Upgrade to the new Web Branch